Making the most of a festival

Take a look around our festival information hub so that you’re prepared for everything and have a party you remember for all the right reasons.

What to take to a festival?

If you’re lucky enough to be heading off to Glastonbury festival, prepare yourself for the pyramid stage with our ultimate music festival packing list for advice on what to take. We’ve got tips for both open air day festivals and weekend campers that should prepare you for almost anything.

What to wear to a festival

What about clothes? Read our guide on what to wear to a festival and keeping clean at a festival to keep you looking your best while you party. These tips should prepare you for any weather. Hopefully it’ll be sunny and you can wear your favourite festival tops, but you can never know for sure if and when it might turn cold or muddy, so it pays to be prepared. If you are blessed with some sunshine, read up on sun safety to make sure you stay safe.

Safe sex and who to pull

If you’re keen to hook up with someone then you might like to check out our guide to safe sex at festivals to avoid any nasty surprises once you get home. And our guide to who to pull at festivals talks you through the type of folks you can expect to bump into. Just make sure you both have a wash at some point, please.

Festival pooping

And then of course there’s the big one… Festival pooping tends to get a bit of a bad rep, and for good reason. Tens of thousands of people doing their business in the great outdoors can kick up a bit of a stink. Our guide to festival toilets will give you an idea of what to expect and help you mentally prepare for what’s in store, whether you choose the long drop or a sweaty portaloo (although we’re not sure we can ever fully prepare you).

Most of all, remember to have a good time and look after yourself and you’re sure to have a weekend you’ll love, whatever the weather!

How to stay safe with dr*gs

We’ve taken a look at the five most common recreational dr*gs in the UK to examine what they look like, the risks of taking them, and where you can find support 💚

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