Personal safety online

The internet can be pretty harmful if you don’t know how to protect yourself online. Learning a bit about how to safe online can help you spot fake news and protect your personal information from phishing and other scams. Anytime you’re interacting with someone online, try to also be aware of online grooming. Check out our article ‘What is online grooming’, where you’ll find a full explanation of what grooming is and how to avoid it.

How to stay safe on a night out

Whether you’re online or out in the ‘real world’, trusting your instincts is a great way to help you stay safe. If you feel unsafe or uncomfortable on a night out, this might involve walking away from a situation, sticking to brightly lit areas on the way home or asking for ‘Angela’ at the bar. Always try to be aware of your surroundings, especially if you’re under the influence of alcohol and/or other drugs. Try not to ignore warning signs or dismiss your own feelings. Read more about staying safe on a night out and check out our safety tips for women and safety tips for men.

Staying safe against sexual offences

Section 3 of the sexual offences act 2003 makes it an offence for a person (A) intentionally to sexually touch another person (B) without that person’s consent if he does not reasonably believe that B consents. This means it’s an offence for anyone to make a move on you without your enthusiastic consent. If someone is making you uncomfortable, let them know politely, but assertively. Learn more about sexual offences and what to do if you’ve been sexually assaulted. And remember, whatever the circumstances, it is never your fault.

Travel safety

We tend to let our guard down most in areas that we’re familiar with and comfortable in, but travelling to somewhere new can also leave us vulnerable. If you’re going on holiday to somewhere unfamiliar, take a moment to read our travel safety tips for travelling abroad.

Looking out for yourself

Taking a few steps to look after your own personal safety doesn’t take a lot of time, but it can help avoid a lot of potential stress and unpleasantness. Take a look over the rest of our articles to learn everything you need to know and let us know if there’s a topic you would like us to include.

How to stay safe with drugs

We’ve taken a look at the five most common recreational dr*gs in the UK to examine what they look like, the risks of taking them, and where you can find support.

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