Goodbye ChildLine? Hello The Mix

Leaving a community you trust is never easy. You’ll miss your ChildLine family and they’ll miss you! Taking the next step to join a new website can feel nerve-wracking, yet it’s also an exciting step full of possibility.

Here at The Mix we want to help you find your feet. The Mix is a space where you can express yourself freely and carry on getting support as you meet new friends and experts.

Reaching 19 doesn’t feel that different to being 18, right? So you may be thinking, why do I need to move on? The topics we cover on The Mix are similar to those on ChildLine so hopefully you won’t feel completely out of your comfort zone; you’ll notice that the information and services presented are more adult in tone and content. You’re likely to be making new decisions and may be looking for advice about relationships, jobs, moving house, paying bills, or health. All of these and more are covered on The Mix.

Visit our discussion board

We host a message board that’s accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This space is moderated by The Mix staff and volunteers who are committed to helping members to feel supported and welcome.  Head over to our discussion boards to check out the latest discussions and the good manners guide written by members. You may also be interested in watching our video showing how you’re most likely to get the best support when talking about sensitive issues such as self-harm.

When you sign-up, you’ll receive a message from a moderator who you can reply to if you have any questions or concerns about your account. Within this message there will also be a list of regular members you can reach out to for help with getting to know the place.  We also strongly recommend that you choose a new username when you join The Mix so that people can’t trace you back to your ChildLine account and read your posts there.

You can send private messages via The Mix message boards. While we offer this freedom to members to help form friendships, we also strongly advise them to be aware of the responsibility that comes with private contact. Sharing personal details such as your real name, email address or phone number is risky and staff moderators can’t intervene with conversations that happen away from The Mix. There is however a report button for forwarding private messages that make you feel uncomfortable and there is also the option to have an ignore list / deny receipt if the desire to be mates is not mutual.

Find information about sex, relationships, housing, money and more

We have literally thousands of pieces of content available including expert advice articles and videos covering everything you need to know about the adult world. Not sure where to start? Why not head over to our sex and relationships section and then click along the menu tabs to discover the different sections.

Your Voices

Your Voices is a new section of The Mix where you can share your own blog posts, pictures, gifs, playlists and videos. Every month we give you a new topic to post about. We’ve had campaigns focusing one everything from exam hacks to mental health and relationships.

Chat live with others your age

Live chat provides the chance to get to know fellow members better in real time. Chat generally takes place every Monday (7-10pm), Wednesday (8-10pm) and Sunday (7-9pm) with a combination of supportive and fun discussion. Check out the chat page for more details and get familiar with our guidelines. Each chat is hosted by at least one moderator who also has a profile on the message boards. We also host question and answer style expert chats on a monthly basis which are archived for future reference.