‘Being’ by Sanctuary Spa – the bold, sassy, young brand – has been supporting The Mix from their very first launch campaign in May 2017. This ballsy beauty brand targets every she, he, ze in the Generation Z shopping for body care on the high street.


This partnership aims to empower young people to be confident in themselves and to have a regard for their wellbeing and happiness.

“The Mix are the perfect charity partner for Being as they get down to the nitty gritty and provide real, imperative support for young people today. The Mix ensure that questions that may be difficult to ask are answered with both confidence and encouragement and most importantly they keep relevant and up to date which is key. At Being we make sure we laugh, cry, shout and celebrate with Gen Z, so if they need support we are here to support them and if they need a platform we are going to be the ones to give it to them – all with the help of a fantastic partnership with The Mix”.

– Kamara Bodell Assistant Brand Manager

Since the launch of this partnership, ‘Being’ has managed to raise an incredible £10,000 from their Mermaid Showers products alone, after gifting us £1 for every £10 set sold in Boots during the Christmas 2017 period. This has already enabled The Mix to provide life changing counselling for 25 young people.

The Mix would like to thank ‘Being’ by Sanctuary Spa for all their support! We couldn’t do what we do without them.

Being and The Mix 2017

During Anti-Bullying Week, ‘Being’ donated £1 for every Instagram post about a best friend, captioning a positive comment about them and nominating their friend to do the same.

The Summer of Self Love campaign launched last year allowed young people to share what they love about themselves. ‘Being’ were the perfect partner for this campaign. The ‘Being Babes’ joined in on the fun at the British Style Collective Clothes Show, taking part in expressing what they adore about themselves to encourage others to do the same.

Alice Hurel, one of Being’s Ambassadors, turned her alopecia diagnosis into something that empowered her.

“I became like something beautiful to an artistic eye, which quickly, very quickly helped me to be confident and to love myself!” – Alice Hurel

You can watch her inspirational interview here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2hWU-cmD1nQ