Tackling loneliness through peer-support

Loneliness in young people has been an issue for young people way before the pandemic, however it has been made worse in the past year.

We need you to help show young people that are experiencing loneliness that there are places where people will listen and build positive connections.

This is an informal role that can be done in small chunks of time, so if you have 10 minutes here or there, you can really make a big difference.

This is an informal volunteering opportunity to help build a supportive space for any young person feeling alone. As a peer-supporter, you will become a core member of our online peer community and provide regular support to members of our community that are looking for people with similar experiences to talk to.

This will involve you regularly logging on to the community and replying to threads providing active listening, giving your own thoughts, sharing experiences if you feel comfortable and giving words of encouragement. Sometimes, having a group of people you can trust to talk openly and honestly can be the key to making meaningful steps forward, whatever the issue.

Successful applicants will receive¬†a mix of e-learning and ‘on the job’ training where you will receive ongoing feedback and guidance during your induction period.

How it all works