How to clean

Want to know the minimum amount of cleaning you can get away with. The Mix explains how to clean your house.

cleaning floor in rubber gloves

Rubber gloves will soon become your new best friends

So… what’s the minimum amount of cleaning you can do without being totally gross?

Ideally, you want to do the following once a week:


You’ll need:

  • A toilet brush
  • Bathroom spray
  • Toilet cleaner
  • A cloth

Spray the bathroom stuff on the taps, sink, and around the shower. Wait about 30 seconds. Then wash it off with the cloth. Squirt some toilet cleaner around the edge of the loo. Wait about two minutes then scrub it with the brush, getting rid of the skid marks. Flush the loo and wash the loo brush in the flushing water.


You’ll need:

  • Kitchen spray
  • A cloth (not the same one as the bathroom, trust us)
  • Dustpan and brush

Always spray kitchen surfaces after cooking then wipe them down with a cloth. Once a week you’ll need to get on your hands and knees and sweep up any crumbs, otherwise you WILL get mice. If you want an extra sparkly floor, buy a mop and bucket. To mop a floor, tip some floor cleaner into a bucket, shove the mop in, drain out excess water then push it around the ground. Repeat until your floor gleams.


To avoid the joys of dust mites and allergy flare-ups, run a hoover over the stairs and all your other rooms about once a week.


Do try and take out your bin bags when they’re either a) full, or b) start to smell of rotting food/tampons/condoms.

How do I afford cleaning products?

The pound shop is your new best friend. You can usually pick up everything you need for under a fiver. In terms of hoovers, Freecycle is a good place to pick up a good one for free.

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By Holly Bourne

Updated on 11-Jan-2016

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