What does self love mean?

So what does self love mean? It’s a lot of different things, but all with the same goal of paying better attention to our own emotional health to make life’s challenges less overwhelming. By taking just a few minutes out each day to pay special attention to yourself, it’s possible to start improving your health and mental wellbeing. The Mix is here to help you with everything from learning how to understand your emotions, to developing grounding techniques for anxiety and figuring out how to sleep better at night

How to practice self care

By getting into the driving seat of your emotional self care, you’ll find that your physical health improves too. When we’re less mentally drained and emotionally taxed, we often have more energy for things like exercise and socialising. Improving your mental health with a good self-care routine will make stress and anxiety easier to manage and make you feel better across all areas of your life. Sometimes this can start with learning how to be more assertive, or it can mean changing our feelings around the things we engage with every day.

How to protect your mental health online & on social media

Everyone is bombarded by a constant stream of information on the internet. It can be a bit overwhelming. Social media has loads of benefits, but it has also been shown that it has a negative effect on children and young people’s mental health. Learning how to protect your mental health online can help you improve your relationship with social media and the news. If the news is making you feel anxious we’ve got some tips to help you cope with that too.

The Mix is here to support you

Even with the best self care practice, however, life’s biggest challenges like dealing with grief and bereavement are always tough. It can be difficult to know where to turn in these moments, but our team are always here to support you. Whether it’s a trauma anniversary, anger issues or mood swings, our friendly team are always here to help. There are plenty of ways to get in touch with The Mix if you feel like you need a chat.

Self-care tips

Self-care is a term that gets used a lot, but how do you actually put it into practice? From baking and cooking to journaling and gardening, we’ve collected all your best tips on self-care.

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