Opening up about suicide

Whether you’re a concerned friend looking to offer support or you’re experiencing thoughts of suicide yourself, check out our article on having a conversation about suicide. Here you’ll find useful info about the warning signs that someone might be experiencing suicidal thoughts, as well as the best ways to encourage someone to open up.

Support for suicidal thoughts

If you’re struggling with suicidal thoughts, our articles on coping with suicidal thoughts and how to stop suicidal thoughts are good places to start. Although it might feel like getting better is impossible, we have some great real-life examples of recovery like this article on recovering from suicidal thoughts and this article on helping a suicidal friend.

How to talk about your mental health

It might be tempting to withdraw, but talking to a trusted friend or family member is often really helpful, even if it feels challenging. There are also support groups, GPs and other professionals experienced in suicide prevention. They can provide a safe space to discuss your feelings and give you coping strategies for dealing with suicidal thoughts. Recovery happens one step at a time and there’s no pressure to discuss anything you’re not ready to. Learning about doctor patient confidentiality in the UK and how to talk about your mental health might help make seeking help less scary.

Recovering from suicidal thoughts

Many people come back from the experience of a suicidal crisis feeling healed and more resilient than ever, but it’s important to remember that this takes time, and it’s OK to have setbacks and mental health relapses along the way. Try to be kind to yourself. You are not alone, and you deserve support and compassion. Remember The Mix are always here for free, anonymous advice and support. Speak to our friendly team anytime.

Black Tie | Suicide Awareness Short Film

Nervous about an upcoming ceremony, Patrice is mocked and comforted by his friend Josh up until a sudden emotional realisation. If you’re experiencing suicidal thoughts, you’re not alone. The Mix is here for support – get in touch with our team today.

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