Supporting someone with a mental health issue

Figuring out how to help someone with mental health isn’t easy. For starters, how can you tell when someone needs support? The signs aren’t always obvious, and some people find it difficult to ask for help, but The Mix is here to help you figure it out. Check out the articles linked to above for more information. Sometimes just being there can be enough to make a difference.

How to section someone

Having someone sectioned under the Mental Health Act is a last resort when someone is in serious danger of hurting themselves or others. The process of getting someone sectioned is long and complex, and needs the approval of several qualified people. You can read up on the consequences of being sectioned here. If you’re considering this an option for someone you care about, first check our guide to how to care for someone with mental health issues to make sure there aren’t any other options left.

Support For Young Carers

Many of our community have had experience as a carer for someone close to them. It can be very rewarding to care for someone, but it can also be exhausting. That’s why learning where to access support for young carers is so important. You can also read about the experiences of other young people with caring responsibilities, like what life is like as a young carer and nine things I wish I knew when I became a young carer.

Read more about UCAS application tips for young carers and how to cope with a crisis as a carer.

Support for you

If you’re struggling with caring responsibilities or aren’t sure how to help someone who you know is struggling, don’t forget The Mix is here to help. Contact our team if you need to talk. We’re here to listen and to help you find the support that is out there for people like you.

Helping a friend who has panic attacks

Vlogger Lewis Parker introduces psychotherapist Dr. Aaron who has some great advice about how to help a friend with panic attacks.

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