What’s life like as a young carer?

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Hi, I’m Georgina. I care for my mum who suffers from physical illnesses, including psoriatic arthritis. I have recently finished studying three A-Level courses (English Language, Psychology and Philosophy and Ethics) at Scarborough Sixth Form. It is important to me to share what it is like to be a carer and the impact it has on you as well as letting other young and young adult carers know that they are not alone.

Carers Need To Be Cared For Too

My world is spinning, I’m running out of time

When will “my time” truly be mine

I’m so busy with everything else

I feel as though I am losing myself

My mind is loud like a rock ‘n’ roll band

This heavy heart could use a helping hand

I should have everything that I need

I have good knowledge, I can write and read

I am responsible, patient and kind

I am empathetic and have an open mind

I can manage time and money

I know when to listen, talk and be funny

I know how to cook, wash and clean

Though I wish I had a shoulder on which to lean

I help others cope and make them smile

So why can’t I be happy, if just for a while?


Don’t get me wrong, I live a blessed life

Living this way has helped me deal with strife

But a bit of support or time away

Would help me cope after such a long day


There must be people who are similar to me

With the world on their shoulders, wishing to be

Relieved of the pressure every now and then

We must come together through word, key or pen

It would be great having someone who understands

What being a Young Adult Carer truly demands

by Georgina May Somers

If you need support as a young carer

Visit our young carers hub page for support and information.

Find support from other carers by joining The Mix’s young carer group chats.

Get specialist help and support for young carers and young adult carers from the Carers Trust.

Next Steps

  • Carers Trust is a major charity for, with and about carers. They work to improve support, services and recognition for anyone living with the challenges of unpaid caring.
  • Carers UK equips carers with practical help and advice. Meet others in the same position and get the support you need by joining Carers UK's online forum.
  • If you're under 25 and would like free confidential telephone counselling from The Mix to help you figure things out complete this form and we'll call you to arrange your first session.
  • Mind offers advice and support to people with mental health problems. Their helpline runs nine to six from Monday to Friday. 0300 123 3393
  • Chat about this subject on our Discussion Boards.

By Georgina May Somers

Updated on 13-Nov-2020

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