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steak and chips

The little food!

One of the things I value is both food and good company. Read More

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Be happy

Feeling low is natural and part of life. Read More

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music makes me high t shirt
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Music makes me high

Music is my best coping strategy. Read More

couple selfie
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What keeps me going

Looking at it closely I now see what truly matters. Read More

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Prue's Happy Box

I like travelling and classical music. Read More

you are beautiful you are strong you are worth it
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My illnesses do not define who I am

My Happy box includes memories of me and my best friend. Read More

snapchat filter selfie
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My memories

This is my memory box for when I need a pick-me-up. Read More

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He is my best friend and he is my soulmate. Read More

teddy bear
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My comfort blanket

Without my rabbit I don't know how I would cope. Read More

colourful kittens
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The coloured rainbow of cats

This image always makes me smile. Read More

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I feel the sky can reflect many emotions. Read More

artwork of girl with purple hair
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Thinking of space makes me feel calm Read More

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