Here is why all-nighters the night before exam don't work, and to be honest made me fail the exam.

At 8pm the day before a year 3 final exam I panicked, and believed that I didn't know anything. I had a really good idea to stay up late revising just to be safe (BAD IDEA NUMBER 1). I got to about 2am and thought I would go to bed now, but i'd just go over one more topic (BAD IDEA NUMBER 2). 5am came and I decided that I wasn't that tired and would stay up until after the exam (BAD IDEA NUMBER 3). I got to my exam and once I was in front of the paper I REALLY DIDNT KNOW ANYTHING. My tiredness was so strong I forgot the very basic of information, my hand wouldn't write, even at normal pace, my wrist was stiff, and I began to have a panic attack and feel very dizzy, almost to the point of passing out. (maybe I should have, just to postpone exam). I did fail and have to re-sit. The worst thing is all of the above was common sense and was totally stupid, but it seemed the best thing at the time......its not.
please save all the insult comments, as I have mentally knocked myself unconscious many times. Thanks

Published on 04-Jun-2017

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