It's hard but worth it

I knew the reaction to come as my cousin had don't it befor but in the end u have to do it one way or another

The end of year 11 I did a summer programme thing I had told a few of my friends before but this was a test see how people took it and it was amazing acting like it's chill then I meet a girl there and she told me she was bi like me bit she had told like no one I was one of the first and by luck a month after the end of the cam we started dating and I loved her a lot we did everything together but to my family she was just a friend as time went on thay thought about it but idk her mum asked her if we where more and she just told her there and then and she was fine about it so she shew me I had to do it but I didn't face her I gave her a letter and went to say at my girlfriends to give time to cool of she was bad to start it was hell she couldn't understand it and I didn't wanna talk about details but over time she has lurnt to be ok it's not 100% ok in her head and never will be but shes trying and that all that counts at the end of the day that's your kid and u can't drop them forever no matter what that girl is still my girlfriend and I love her with all my heart and its better now people no so I can show that.

Published on 30-Apr-2017

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