movieee time!

Who doesn't love a packet of crisp, with a bunch of sweets, hot chocolate and a movie. Romance, horror and family movies are my favourite type. Relaxes my mood by putting aside my bad thoughts and feelings to feeling more calm and focused.

Home Alone

Bad day? Not feeling too good? put on a movie. Helps me all the time, may help you too. I always get excited and eager to know what will happen at the end of the movie ( usually the best part.) Horror movie may scare me, but they got to be the best type of movie. Not knowing when those random pop up come up or even knowing what the story is based on. 'Conjuring' has got to be a movie i will watch over and over again without being tired of it. Scary but very interesting. it was all based on a true story which makes the movie become even more curious and interesting. My favourite romantic movie has got to be 'The Vow'. This movie is about a woman who has lost her memory from a car accident leading her to have a brain damage and her husband is trying to bring her back into her old life routine. Which is difficult as she cannot remember her life with him. Although, she doesn't remember him and memories with him she is willing to start over at the end. Additionally, My favourite Family movie has got to be 'Home Alone'. One of the most funniest movie, most likely watched this movie 100 of times and trust me i will always laugh at the same scene. Never gets old!

Published on 16-Jan-2017

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