How do I stop taking drugs?

I started taking drugs occasionally but now I take them every time I go out. I'm worried I can't stop. What should I do?

Next Steps to stop taking drugs

If you’re worried you can’t stop taking drugs you might want to consider getting some support from a local young people’s drugs and alcohol service and reading our article on the topic . The services can provide you with free, confidential, professional advice and support. They won’t judge you or make you do anything you don’t want to do. Another option is to talk to your doctor about your concerns. GPs have access to a wide range of advice and treatment options that can help to support you. 

You can also try and do some independent research on the types of drugs you’re taking and their addictive properties. Above all, it’s important to be informed on why you’re feeling a certain way and potential withdrawal symptoms. You can even start to figure out what support is available to you. This could be in the form of support groups and treatment. The main take-away is that no matter how you go about it, you need to be the one making change happen.

If you don’t think you’re ready to talk to someone face to face, that’s okay. You can also ring your local service and they can provide support over the phone until you’re ready or you could call Frank on 0300 123 6600. They’ll be able to offer information and advice about the drugs you’re using so you can find out more about their effects and risks.

Things to do at home

It’s important to try and gauge the severity of the situation. Try having conversation with those around you and maybe even reading our article on signs of addiction to determine whether there is serious cause for concern. A key thing to ask in your conversations is if they’ve noticed a change in your behaviour.  Something to reflect on is if you feel a change in your physical or mental health. Acknowledging that you could have a problem is a massive step in the right direction. We’re glad you’re even entertaining those thoughts. Just remember you’re never in this alone. If it ever  feels like it’s getting to be too much, don’t hesitate to use our free support service or any of the resources we’ve linked.

Answered by Addaction on 05-Jun-2014

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