Will I always be addicted to drugs?

I've been clean from drugs for a year but right now I really want to get high. What can I do to stop the cravings?

You’ve done really well to stay off drugs for the past year and you should be very proud of yourself. Addiction can take different forms. Although, you have probably overcome any physical addiction, you might still have a psychological addiction and feel the need to take drugs in order to escape or enjoy yourself.

Breaking free from addiction can be tough and there are rarely easy answers but you might find that looking for alternative ways to enjoy yourself can help.

Have you considered joining a local gym? You could work with the gym to develop a training regime for you that will give you a healthy buzz. In fact, any kind of exercise may give you an alternative healthy thrill. Even less active hobbies and activities can help give you a sense of purpose and wellbeing that will take your mind away from drugs.

It can also be helpful to have someone to confide in. Is there a friend or family member who you could talk to? Sometimes just telling another person about your difficulties can go some way to overcoming them.

Your local community-based substance misuse services should be able to provide more help and information if you need it and they will link you in with any support groups that there may be in your local area.

Please bear in mind that if you do choose to use drugs again, your tolerance level will now be much lower and you could run the risk of overdosing. Remember the safest way is by not taking it at all.

Answered by Addaction on 05-Jun-2014

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