A round up of all the best lockdown memes to make you smile

Three young people are jumping into the sky holding their phones, with happy expressions

If there’s one thing keeping us smiling through these difficult times, it’s the wealth of totally absurd, lockdown-inspired memes doing the rounds. On those days when you’re feeling low, bored or anxious, what you need is a decent, knee-slapping laugh. Laughing is so good for us and this collection of memes should provide just that. 

This legend taught us how to party in the age of isolation:

Working from home requires a great deal of multi-tasking from some:

And others can’t get the hang of it at all:

Someone’s obviously got too much time on their hands:

The same can be said for this person:

For all the city folk out there craving some routine:

Just in case you needed one more reminder to wash your hands:

A handy tip for those working from home:

And our personal favourite:

Have we missed any? Comment below and tell us your favourites!

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By Holly Turner

Updated on 21-Apr-2020