The Mix has joined ITV’s Britain Get Talking campaign

The Mix joins Britain Get Talking!

We are happy to announce that The Mix, the UK’s leading digital youth charity, has just become a part of ITV’s Britain Get Talking campaign. We’re really excited to be included in this important initiative and we hope to be able to support even more young people because of this collaboration.

About the campaign

Supported by seven other charities, including Mind and Samaritans, the campaign is designed to break the stigma around talking about mental health. The initiative encourages people to reach out to those who may be struggling and to share their stories on social media. People are also encouraged to get in touch with the charities if they need help and support.

In order to address our mental health, we need to feel empowered to tell people exactly how we feel and if we do this, it will encourage others to do the same, breaking the cycle of shame and stigma.

Why is the campaign so important to The Mix?

In these challenging times, many young people’s lives have been completely disrupted and this has left lots of under 25s feeling isolated, scared and anxious. It is therefore more important than ever that we let young people know that it’s ok to talk about their mental health and that charities like The Mix are here to help them. Our team of experts and trained volunteers are always there to listen and to talk to young people and to offer them support and advice.

Next Steps

  • If you're under 25 and would like free confidential telephone counselling from The Mix to help you figure things out complete this form and we'll call you to arrange your first session.
  • Chat about this subject on our Discussion Boards.
  • Need help but confused where to go locally? Download our StepFinder iPhone app to find local support services quickly.


Updated on 27-Mar-2020

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