What are the symptoms of a nervous breakdown?

What are the symptoms of a nervous breakdown? Is there anywhere I can get full information about this?

Problems with relationships, work, money, or any other number of things can leave a person feeling overwhelmingly anxious, depressed and stressed. When the anxiety, depression and stress get too big, the person may have a nervous breakdown. Although there is no such thing in medical terms, a nervous breakdown is applied to someone who is incapable of functioning in everyday life and unable to cope with daily challenges.

Everyone’s experience of breaking down is individual. In a physical sense, an inability to sleep, loss of appetite and lethargy can leave people feeling exhausted. This can result in feeling very emotionally unstable and drained; there may be a loss of confidence and self-esteem, which contribute to the possible underlying issues of anxiety and depression.

As feelings of anxiety and depression develop, some people find their daily lives are severely disrupted, e.g. they may feel tired and de-motivated, unable to go to work, get out of bed, or complete the simplest of domestic tasks. This loss of engagement with people and activities can result in the person withdrawing, making the breakdown a very isolating experience.

You do not say if you or someone you know is experiencing a nervous breakdown. This can be a very frightening and isolating process. But there are a surprising number of options available to help with recovery, and usually, with the right support and treatment, a full recovery is possible.

Visiting a doctor (GP) can be a step forward, as they will be able to assist with exploring the options available. This might be in the form of medical treatment, such as anti-depressants or tranquilisers to assist with the symptoms of anxiety, depression or sleep problems. Or it could be a talking treatment, such as counselling or psychotherapy.

Alternatively, methods of relaxation through exercise or complementary therapies like yoga, reflexology, or reiki can be worth considering. You can find out more about the use of natural remedies to treat anxiety on the No More Panic website.

If you would like more information, help or support you can talk to someone in complete confidence at SANEline on 0300 304 7000.

Answered by SANE on 30-Oct-2013

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