Where to get free help with debts

If you’re looking for help with debt, we’ve put together a few links to charities providing free support and advice when it comes to money problems.

young woman gets help with debt

Being stressed about debt can leave you feeling vulnerable and uncertain about what to do next. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and need help with debt, get one to one focused support from The Mix with our trained staff, either by phone, webchat, or email.

Charities that help with debt

You can be pretty sure that a charity’s only real aim is to help YOU, not to make money. And there are lots of reputable charities that offer great advice when it comes to debt, even if you feel like you’re beyond help.

Step Change

Check out Step Change’s Debt Remedy anonymous online tool which can help make you a debt repayment plan. It also has a freephone (even on mobile!) advice line.

The Debt Advice Foundation

A registered national debt charity offering a freephone helpline and an online debt analysis tool to help those affected by debt. Trained advisors are on hand to work out how to manage your debt and protect your assets.

National Debtline

Helpline which provides information and advice with a simple four-step programme covering help with credit card debt, council tax, utility bills, bank charges, and harassment.


Offers free debt advice and free debt management plans. Citizens Advice approved!

  • Call them for free on 0808 278 9095, Monday-Friday 8am-8pm, Saturday 9am-3pm.
  • Visit the PayPlan website.

The Money Charity

The Money Charity offers free and confidential advice as well as workshops and training.

You can call on 0207 062 8933 and they’ve got plenty of resources to read when it comes to money management, including what to do if you’re thinking about taking on more debt.

Visit The Money Charity website.

Citizens Advice Bureau

Another great charity if you’re looking for help regarding debt, the Citizens Advice Bureau website allows you to swap messages with a debt advisor without even picking up the phone.

Visit their website and open the chat box in the bottom right hand corner if you’d prefer to type rather than talk!

What about these guys telling me they can help with debt?

BEWARE of non-charity people claiming they can help you solve your debt woes. More often than not, ‘debt advice’ people are just trying to sell you a whacking great loan. Phrases to look out for are:

  • “Consolidate your loan into one single monthly payment”
  • “Lower your monthly payments”
  • “Manageable monthly payments”

Be very wary of companies that offer things called ‘consolidation loans’. Yes, they may initially lower your monthly payments, but that means it will take much longer to pay off your debts – plus with interest you may end up spending thousands more.

Take a look at Stepchange’s useful loan consolidation calculator that will help you work out if you need one.

We’re not saying you should never use a debt consolidation company, but you need to spend some time really doing your homework to make sure it makes financial sense in the long-term.

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By Holly Turner

Updated on 06-Jun-2021