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Learn more about managing money, with our free new e-learning course

The world of money can seem confusing at times, but with the right information, you can learn how to manage your money like a pro. We’ve teamed up with financial charity, MyBnk, to create a free online course that covers all the basics to get you started.

This course will help you to build up your confidence in understanding your finances. Packed with practical tips and advice, it will empower you to control your money and to find the support you need if you’re struggling. You’ll also learn how to master some of the language that’s used with banking and how to protect yourself from money scams.

This course is made up of eight standalone modules, which should take no more than 10 minutes each. You can complete them in any order, so have a go at the modules that you think will be most helpful for you.

Borrowing and debt

There may be times when you need to borrow money to be able to afford essentials in the short term. It’s really important that you know the basics before you borrow money, so take a moment to make sure you are clued up.

Find out more by taking this module.

Household bills

When you’re moving out of home for the first time, you may be surprised by some of the bills that you need to pay. Let’s take a look at the bills you need to be paying.

Take this module to learn more.

Your income

You’re earning regular income but you might not understand your earnings or what your rights are when it comes to employment. This module will tell you more.

Know your stuff by taking this module.

Being on benefits

Benefits are designed to be a safety net in a number of ways. It can sometimes be tricky to understand what you qualify for, so let’s take a look at benefits in more detail.

Find out more here.


Budgeting is not always the most exciting thing to do, but it is a really important way of ensuring that your finances are healthy. This module takes a look at the basics of budgeting and some simple ways that you can do it.

Learn how to budget here.

What is a scam?

Sometimes people may try to steal from you, but there are ways to protect yourself. Let’s look at how to do this.

Learn more about scams here.

Being informed

You have a lot of rights when it comes to your money, however it can be easy to feel uncertain on where you stand. Let’s dig into the detail of what rights you have when it comes to your money.

Get clued up by taking this module.


Banks use lots of jargon that can be confusing to understand, but it’s important to understand how things work. Let’s go through some of the basics.

Take this module here.

For more help and support with money

Head to our money page for more tips and information on managing your money.

We’d like to thank MyBnk for collaborating with us on this course, a charity that helps you build the financial skills and knowledge you need to take charge of your future.

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By Holly Turner

Updated on 31-Jul-2020