Emily, found support at The Mix

The Mix Staff

My name is Emily, I’m 23 years old and I live in London, where I study singing and songwriting.

The Mix was a place I stumbled across accidentally when seeking some information on something a friend of mine was going through. I felt I lacked knowledge in the subject and wanted to help as best as I could. I ended up finding out a lot about myself whilst scrolling through the discussion boards and stuck around to see what The Mix was all about.

My life had been lacking a safe space after moving to university and I needed somewhere I could talk about things I was going through with people who were understanding and potentially going through similar things. I found myself falling into a very familiar dark place of anxiety and depression. I was ridden with financial worries, self-esteem/body confidence issues and self-harm which were slowly destroying my life again. I was desperate to find my feet in a world that often feels too chaotic for my brain to comprehend.

I started to use the Support Chats and General Chats and made some very strong, lifelong friendships with people who were offering me an ear during such a difficult time. I was aided with new coping mechanisms and a safe space to talk about my worries with people who genuinely cared about what I was going through and I was able to offer my experiences to support them. The Mix is a very giving community of lovely people.

I found a lot of information on the issues I was struggling with and I’d always recommend The Mix as a first point of information where you can be directed to other specialist services. The Mix covers pretty much every issue people are facing.


Published on 30-Apr-2018