Jack Welch, Job Squad Project Group Member

The Mix Staff
Jack Welch

I’ve been a volunteer with a few organisations for some time now and heard that YouthNet were recruiting volunteers for their Job Squad – a programme designed to develop the employability of volunteers. As I’ve only recently graduated I know that I need to broaden my experience and gain some extra skills that will help me stand out to an employer. The Job Squad has allowed me to share my existing volunteering experience whilst learning about other young people’s needs around employability.

I felt a real sense of achievement when I developed a webpage through some training provided by Freeformers. I got to speak to experts and picked up skills in networking, social media and marketing strategies and online safety – quite an achievement for someone who’s not exactly a technology guru!

YouthNet has provided me with an avenue for personal development. I’ve had the opportunity to develop new workplace skills, which have really increased my confidence.

I’m now helping YouthNet to develop their YouthNet Plus network of young volunteers and have secured an internship at Creative Collisions.




Published on 21-Apr-2015