Jacob People, found support at The Mix and is now giving back

The Mix Staff
Jacob standing in front of a green field with more fields in the far distance, and a dirt walking path to the side

My name is Jacob People, I’m 19 and live in Basingstoke.

I turned to The Mix back in May 2015 after my friend took his own life very suddenly. Things were looking so dark, my thoughts were worrying and I felt very isolated. Not long after my friend’s suicide, I was frantically searching the internet for support. I wanted a place where I could talk, I wanted someone to listen to me – that’s when I came across a website called The Mix. That’s where my journey to recovery began.

It’s good to go and see a doctor if you feel low and are struggling with your mental health, but they don’t have as much understanding as other young people who have gone through the same thing as you.

“Young people just get it and can advise and support others, using their own personal experience, and that, I believe, is the best support you can possibly get.”

After being diagnosed with depression, I heard things like ‘just snap out of it’, ‘there is nothing to be depressed about’, ‘just go outside and get some fresh air because that’s why you’re depressed’, ‘you are so lazy’ and the list goes on and on.

“I started volunteering for The Mix to offer the support I was so desperately looking for when I was at my lowest.”

My role as a Commenting Moderator allows me to support young people on a one to one basis. I moderate the comments posted on The Mix’s articles. My role is to understand what kind of help young people are looking for and to signpost them to specific support if needed.

Before I joined The Mix, I was a very shy and quiet person who was too scared to open-up but now I am happy to share my story. I am now a mental health activist for two other charities, Time to Change and YoungMinds. I really believe that The Mix put me on that path, giving me the confidence and strength to reach out, get support and share my story.


Published on 12-Apr-2017