You are not alone

As the modern world constantly invites us to compare ourselves to others, it’s not surprising that we often feel there’s some kind of chasm between the kinds of relationships we want, and the ones we actually have. During the pandemic we found that 77% of young people agreed with the statement, ‘I feel alone,’ and although the worst of the virus is hopefully in the rear view mirror now, that doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy to get back to how things were, or suddenly build brilliant social lives for ourselves.

Social anxiety and loneliness

It’s also very possible to feel lonely but also suffer from the kind of social anxiety that makes it difficult to go out and meet people. One thing you should always remember is that even the coolest, most outgoing people you know feel lonely sometimes, and many of them often suffer from social anxiety as well. Just ‘cos you can’t see it from the outside doesn’t mean it’s not happening on the inside!

How to deal with loneliness

With that being said, what can you do if you’re feeling lonely? How do you deal with loneliness? A good place to start is our support for loneliness page, where you can find various resources including information on volunteering and how to join our weekly group chats.

Get involved with The Mix to beat loneliness

There are lots of ways to connect with people beyond reaching out to friends and family, and the Mix is nothing without our community of volunteers. We have a variety of different volunteering roles which can give you a chance to get involved with the work we do, connect with other young people and be part of a lovely, supportive team.

You don't have to be alone to feel lonely

Loneliness can make the world feel empty, even when it’s not.
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