Simple ways to create change

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Hi, my name is Sharvari and I’m 20 years old and studying Psychology. I love to use writing as a tool to continue my self-discovery journey and improve my mental health. This article is about simple ways you can create change – hope you enjoy it and are ready to become a changemaker!

“They need your help – give £3 every month and you could change lives”. So many ads popping up on your Instagram feed, until your eyes start swimming and blurring. You can feel your heart rate getting faster and faster, and you can feel yourself getting overwhelmed.

There’s nothing you can do; you don’t have enough time or money for everyone’s suffering, you think to yourself. Or maybe it’s the people or pets’ pain in your life right now that’s causing this overwhelming anxiety. Whatever it is, you feel doomed. There’s too much inequality and suffering to change.

But that’s exactly why you need to become a changemaker. In fact, if you’re reading this right now, you’re already one step closer to making some change happen.

Barriers to creating change

Imagine how empowering it would feel to know that you’re making a difference. Sure, you’re one individual and maybe you’re thinking to yourself that as one human being, how much of a difference can you really make? But here’s the thing, it’s less about the impact we have as an individual, and more about the impact that we can have together.

Or maybe you just don’t know how to have a meaningful impact. Often, we’re presented with a limited set of options: go to a protest, join an activist group, sign a petition, write to your MP, or donate some money.

But maybe those don’t suit you, or maybe you believe that those are not going to create the impact you want. Whatever the reason, these are not the only options. There are so many ways that you can get involved without spending a single pound.

My tips for simple ways to create change

I am a young ambassador for The Mix and a community campaigner for ActionAid and these are some of the ways that I’ve created meaningful change:

Run workshops & presentations

These are great tools to increase awareness and improve your communication and public speaking skills.


You don’t have to just speak about issues that matter, you can also write about them. I’ve written website articles, blogs, newsletters, Instagram posts, Twitter threads – choose your preferred way of communicating or mix and match, like I have!

Set up your own fundraising or awareness campaign

This is easier than you think and you can put in as much or as little effort as you want. It can literally be standing on the street corner and chatting to strangers about a cause that’s important to you, or doing a bake sale. To give you an idea, last month I ran a campaign about period poverty. I gave people post-its and got them to write any myths they knew about periods, or how they could break the stigma around period poverty, and I gave them a free cookie in return (pro tip: free cookies are a big hit!).

Volunteer for The Mix

This is probably the most different one of the lot, but having conversations with other young people and empowering them to make their own decisions has not only been rewarding for me, but empowering them has also had an impact on their family, friends, and community as well. One conversation can change a community. You can sign up to be a volunteer for The Mix here.

My tips for starting your journey as a changemaker

Find a cause that YOU are passionate about

You can’t change everything that’s wrong in the world, but you can make an impact on a niche issue of your choice

Find like-minded people

Like the previous point, you can’t make change all on your own and this can be tough and overwhelming, so work together and, who knows, you might even make some friends in the process!

Start small

Volunteer an hour a week, have a conversation with your friends or family, or help plan a campaign for The Mix – these are all ways to make a change.

Remember that you are in control

You can choose how much time you give and where, which can change depending on what’s going on in your life. It’s ok to take a break and come back to it (this is my first article for The Mix in a year).

Examples of my own change-making

Next Steps

By Sharvari Patil

Updated on 04-Aug-2023

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