I turned to escort work to buy a house

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A young woman became an escort to boost her finances. This is a wide-angle image.

We’ve all had financial worries, but when Amanda*, 26, needed extra cash so she decided to try something different. She was extremely careful about how she went about it and didn’t meet any harm whilst trying to boost her finances. The Mix has the pleasure of sharing her story about how she turned to escort work to help boost her savings.

I don’t fit a stereotypical image of a sex worker; I’m not a drug addict and I didn’t have a bad childhood. In fact, I was actually a young professional with my own company when I started to look into becoming an escort.

See, I wanted to get on the property ladder, but even with my own business I couldn’t afford it. A few friends had tried escorting and, to be frank, it seemed like easy money. I’m very liberal sexually so figured I would feel comfortable providing sexual services. Plus, after my relationship ended I was having quite a bit of casual sex. So I thought, “Why not get paid for it?”.

On top of all that, I was having a fling with a stripper who used to see clients after work. Whilst I was considering how to become an escort she suggested we did a lesbian show for two guys she’d met. The men seemed decent and since we were together at the time, I agreed. 

We went back to their hotel and drank champagne. Eventually we ended up having sex with them and leaving with our pockets full of money. The guys were the perfect first clients. It also opened my eyes to what I could earn. So I decided to join some online escort agencies and even set up my own website to attract clients.

What escort work involves

It’s easy enough to figure out how to become an escort, but there’s not much info out there on what the job actually entails. 

The amount of money I earned at the beginning was crazy. Taking a day off felt like I was losing hundreds of pounds. But it wasn’t long before I felt exhausted. Now, I’ve found a good balance. I usually see one or two clients a day, Monday to Friday. Generally speaking, the guys are married professionals who see escorts because they don’t wanna have an affair. They’re well-kept middle-aged men with lots of money. So it works for both of us.

There’s a common misconception that being an escort is all about sex; it’s not. I have to entertain the client verbally, pretending to be fascinated, even if they’re utterly boring. And I have to stay in control to make sure I’m safe without dominating them. Unless they want that, of course!

It may sound kinda cliché but clients sometimes want role plays. For example, one guy wanted me to dress up as a superheroine called ‘Futuregirl’, while he pretended to be some villain of the universe. I had to wear a silver outfit with massive boots; chasing him around and torturing him for all his secrets before he eventually overpowered me with kryptonite. It was honestly hilarious.

The emotional impact of escorting

I’ve never felt dirty or ashamed, but having to look at disgusting toenails or deal with a client with bad breath is probably the worst thing about the job. I generally cope by disconnecting from sex and concentrating on the person. And I never put myself through anything I don’t want to do.

Unfortunately, no regular guy can handle my job so I can’t really have a relationship. The only exception would be if I lie about it or date someone who works in the industry. Besides, if you’re having lots of sex with people you’re not actually attracted to, it can also put you off having sex in your private life. Although I have to say that lying to friends and family is really difficult to cope with. My siblings are used to my wild ways, so they weren’t too shocked. But I could never tell my parents.

Health and safety when working as an escort

Even with a good vetting system, you could meet a nutcase. I try not to think about it though. Otherwise I’d be a bag of nerves. One guy did try to pay me with fake notes and after I kicked him out he kept calling and threatening me. So I gave the money with his fingerprints on it to the police. Since then, I always call a friend to let them know when someone’s with me. Plus, the flat I work in has security cameras everywhere. And I make sure to let clients know they’ll be filmed when they enter.

People think escorts spread infections, but that’s just not true. In fact, you’re probably more likely to catch something from a stranger in a nightclub than a sex worker who takes precautions to protect themselves. I always use condoms, even for oral sex, and I check clients’ groins for sores, which could transmit herpes. I also get a full sexual health check every 12 weeks. Ultimately, I’m not ignorant to the fact that I’m risking sexual infections and attack. So I’m never complacent about it.

What the future holds

The sex industry’s not going anywhere. Actually, it’s pretty much the opposite. The main focus should be on making sure women can work safely. That’s why I’m a huge advocate for sex work being decriminalised. Right now if there’s only one girl on the premises you can’t be prosecuted, but any more and it’s considered a brothel. If that happens, you’re looking at up to seven years in prison.

The truth is, I definitely want to give up escort work soon. My brain needs more of a challenge and over time it starts to affect you, however much you think it doesn’t. And when you become bored or distressed it’s time to get out.

*Amanda’s name has been changed.

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By Marcella Carnevale

Updated on 10-Jun-2022