Worrying about the colour of your penis

Changes in the colour of your penis is common

Changes in the colour of your penis is common

Penises come in a load of different shapes, sizes and colours, so if you’re worrying that you’ve got a funny penis, it’s actually probably perfectly normal. If you’re also worried you have a funny coloured penis, let The Mix put your mind at ease. Read our expert answer to someone from our community who was worried that their purple penis wasn’t the colour it was supposed to be.

My penis is a funny colour

“I was circumcised two years ago due to phimosis and now I’m concerned my penis doesn’t look normal. When it’s flaccid it’s mainly pink, but it has a purple and blue tinge around the rim. The colour is more obvious when it’s erect. Is this right, is it normal to have a purple penis?”

Changes in the colour of your penis is common

It’s not uncommon for men to worry about the way their penis looks, and it’s understandable you have concerns since having your operation for phimosis. But changes in colour are completely normal, and you’re certainly not alone in experiencing this. To put your mind at rest you can read more in our article about healthy penises here.

A purple or red penis is normal

Embarrassing Problems provides some reassuring advice; they explain that: “It’s normal for the head of the penis (glands) to change colour. Often it’s quite red when aroused and can turn purple at other times. This is because the skin of the penis glans has lots of tiny blood vessels near its surface, so the colour just represents the changes in blood flow.”

If you notice that the skin is sore, red or frequently very irritated it could be an allergic reaction or a sign of a skin condition. There could also be a risk of a condition such as balanitis. Whilst uncomfortable and painful, balanitis is not immediately harmful. In your case it is unlikely, since it can result from phimosis, a problem that you have now addressed.

Seeing a doctor or visiting a GUM clinic

It’s important to seek out the advice of a doctor (GP) if you have health concerns. If you’re still worried then please do go back to your doctor to be examined. Alternatively, you could visit a GUM clinic. GUM clinics don’t just deal with STIs, they can also help with anything relating to penis health. Find out more in our article ‘what is a GUM clinic?’.

Questions or concerns about your body? Check out the rest of our articles here, or reach out to the friendly community on our discussion boards.

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By The Mix Staff

Updated on 02-Nov-2022