Eye tests

Does the world look a little bleary - even when you're not hungover? It could time for an eye test.

boy sitting having an eye test

"I can see you!"

Why bother?

You know where to go if you’re feeling ill, or if your teeth are giving your grief. Your sight is just as important. Headaches and fatigue can often be caused by a problem with vision. Then there’s the risk you run by driving with dodgy eyesight.

What’s on offer?

A regular check up can identify any problems, such as diseases that might need treatment from a doctor or an eye surgeon. An optician, or optometrist, can also prescribe glasses and contact lenses.

It’s advisable to have your eyes tested every year. You are not obliged to purchase the glasses from the same optician that performed the eye test.

What’s the cost?

Prices vary among private opticians, including those found on the high street. Many will charge for a sight test, and then offer a discount should you require glasses, or lenses that you purchase from them.

You can get a free sight test and vouchers for glasses if you are:


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Updated on 29-Sep-2015

Photo of boy having an eye test by Shutterstock.