A typical teenage coming out

I'm Frayah, 16 from the south East of England. I came out when I was 13 so I've been out three years but only two for my family.

All my life I've always looked at girls differently; but I never noticed it growing up. Like most young people I felt repressed for years. In year 7 I forced myself into getting a boyfriend because I thought it was the right thing to do, but in year 8 these feelings came back.

This was around the time 'Same Love' was a popular song, and the video spoke to me, these two guys seemed happy. I guess I related but I didn't understand why. So I researched and I thought about it, I repressed more and then eventually accepted it. I slowly told people but some girl in my class outed me to my school but it was okay.

At this point I identified as bi, because I was scared to admit boys didn't interest me. I was sad for a long time because I was confused and I didn't feel I belonged anywhere. But, eventually I came out fully, and a year later I told my family at a restaurant and they were cool about it.

Now I'm here and I have a beautiful girlfriend and I'm happy, I don't feel confused or drifting anymore. I have aspirations to join the army. I have friends who get me and I feel like I belong somewhere. (Btw I'm the one in the blue uniform)

Published on 10-Feb-2017

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