Bugs. So. Many. Bugs.

When moving into any house, no matter how nice it looks, always make sure the landlord has done maintenance. Specifically bug sprays ...

When I moved into a house in my third year of uni, my friends and I were excited to have found a cheap place, near shops and transport to campus. As a bonus all the bedrooms and living room had new hardwood floors and fittings.

Within a day we started seeing cockroaches, and not one or two a week, up to 10 a day. When we finally got in touch with the rental agent, to ask when the last contractual 'annual pest treatment' was done, they said the previous tenants hadn't minded. It had been several years.

The guy came a few days later, and told us that after the spray they'd come out to die for a while, depending on how many there were. Turned out a while meant finding 10+ dead/dying roaches every day for a few weeks.

Always, ALWAYS, make sure all checks have been done before moving in. I'm back living in the UK now, and I'm still paranoid about roaches, wherever I move to.

Published on 03-Apr-2016

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