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It may sound obvious but revision is really important.

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I'm 15 and I dye my hair a lot. I'd like to say I give good advice but I'm sat here at 01:56am and I have to wake up at half six tomorrow morning.

I have my first GCSE exam in 11 days and I haven't revised at all. Big mistake. If you have time just try to revise as much as you can. Even if it's just reading some poetry for English or working out an equation for Maths, you need to put some effort in. I know for a fact that if I would've began my revision a month ago I wouldn't be as stressed as I am now.

So yeah, just try revise for your exams as soon as you can (like months in advance). And yeah I understand that it's difficult to revise when you have other things going on in life (I know too well) but it's pretty likely that you've only got one chance to do these exams, so why not try to do them to the best of your ability? (Quite hypocritical as I still haven't found the motivation to revise).

Lastly, here's a little secret: "Exams don't determine your entire life". Don't stress yourself out over exams because even if you don't pass additional science it won't hold you back from opportunities later on in life (that isn't to say you shouldn't revise, you really should). The most important thing you need to be thinking about is you.

Don't stay up the night before an exam trying to cram everything in, because it won't work. You need to be getting the correct amount of sleep you need (it's like 8 hours for teenagers), because if you aren't getting enough sleep, how do you expect yourself to remember what you're trying to learn?

You need to look after yourself at this time, as a lot of people forget to and end up neglecting their needs and putting their grades first. YOUR HEALTH COMES BEFORE YOUR GRADES.

Published on 05-May-2016

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