my rock!

she proves that friendship isn't always about who you've known the longest..

my best friend

I met Charlotte through Facebook when we were both about to move to the same University. She was on my course and we got talking to each other and a couple of other girls. I was really anxious about moving three hours from home to a city where I didn't know anyone. Having also recently come out to my friends and family I was worrying about having to come out all over again to the new people I was going to meet. Charlotte told me and the other girls that she had a girlfriend, I felt so relieved to have someone "like me" I guess. Since then she's been my absolute rock all through uni, through relationships, break ups, failed assignments, low periods, high periods, she's witnessed all of them and not once given up on me. I live with her now but I'm due to move home next month, I'm really sad that I won't get to see her half as much as I do now, but I know 100% that she'll be in my life forever. I just hope she realises how much she means to me and how amazing she is, and how much she really has helped me to get through these last two years. ???

Published on 29-Apr-2017

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