my name is alex walker, i identify as female to male transgender. i am a man.

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T date- 23/03/17
instagram- my_transgender_journey
trying to change the community!:)

So I first came out in 2013 at 14 years old, I came out to my mother and girlfriend at the same time, as female to male transgender. My girlfriend was extremely accepting and so was my mum but she still finds it hard to fully accept that this is what I want. In 2014 I came out on Facebook. I had people on there that I went to school with but none of them knew me because I'd cut my hair and dyed it, changed the way I dressed and started going by my preferred name and gender.

No one really took much notice in my coming out status and that didn't bother me, I was doing it for myself not to get a reaction from people. I didn't have any friends. I was always bullied, always pushed out, always the kid no one wanted around. I was depressed, lonely, suicidal though I never self harmed. In 2016 I wrote a huge text to all my family about who I was, how I felt, and that I would understand if they didn't except me. Lucky, every one was understanding and started calling me Alex and used male pronouns...

After coming out:
After coming out things felt much easier, like a weight off my shoulders. Before coming out to my family I felt really awkward in situations where people would comment on my gender. I'd get questions like "are you a boy or a girl?" This would just freak me out and I'd cave in and say I'm a girl. I guess it was too dodge the touchy subject of being transgender and why I was this way. It isn't an easy subject, or at least at the time it wasn't. But now I'm completely open about it all. I don't mind telling a stranger I'm trans or correcting people when they misgender me or call me my dead name.

On March 23rd this year (2017) I started testosterone. It was a long journey to get to this point in my life. I'm not 100% comfortable in my skin but I know that I'm still on my journey and I'm still learning how to love myself. I'm also trying to help other people on there journeys. I have an Instagram page where I post pictures throughout my journey.. my_transgender_journey and I'm having meetings with the NHS about things that could be changed to help the transgender community.

I'm trying to set up a website in the near future, for online support, and for help with getting started with therapy. There isn't much around in my home town so I'm trying to change that! There's lots of things I'm trying to get set up and started by the end of this year hopefully before if all goes well! I'm very open to anyone that wants support or a friend to open up to if anyone wants to give me a msg! thanks for reading :)

Published on 28-Apr-2017

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