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Hi, I am moving all the posts from the The Mix’s sister website Madly In Love to Your Voices.

I have playlist that has just under 50 songs that describe the relationship I have with my best friend.
The 8 I picked though, are more the milestones of where we've been emotionally and mentally over the years.

It's only cliché if I use an overused phrase or description so I won't. All I will write is that we're soul mates and madly in love with each other. We clash and we rub each other the wrong way, we've broken each other's trust, broken each other's heart, lied and deceived each other all in name of "protecting feelings". We're good for each other though, because we've taken the time to explore a relationship and a friendship on different levels.

The songs I chose are more about the lyrics and the tempo of the music, more than style. It perfectly explains our mind sets during the calm or exciting highs, and the depressing or angry lows. This playlist is dedicated to him and us, where we've been and where we're going.

He's my boy, and I will always be his.

This post was written by Wolfboy and originally appeared on The Mix’s sister website Madly In Love.

Published on 12-May-2016

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