The government should be doing more to invest in the future

The current government doesn't seem to care all that much about young voters. Here's what I'd like them to focus on.

The Brexit vote came as a massive blow to students across the UK. Already lumbered with having to pay tuition fees in England and Wales, students are now set to miss out on the Erasmus opportunities that UK universities were once able to enjoy, thanks to the country's membership to the EU. If we examine the age split in the last general election, it's plain to see that the older people are happy to vote for the isolationist Tory party under Theresa May, and younger people are more inclined to vote for Jeremy Corbyn's Labour party. It comes down to a difference between policies and outlook.

The Tories under both May, and Cameron before her have recognised that they don't need the confidence of young people to get into power. They are able to introduce policies that pander to the older generation. Jeremy Corbyn was once seen as an outsider to the Labour party, but thanks to impressive gains in the last election, it's looking more and more likely that he might one day make it in to Number 10.

If that does happen, here's a few things I'd like to see happen as a commitment to the younger section of the electorate.

Guarantee of overseas studying

Many students enjoy being able to come to the UK to study in our universities. And why wouldn't they? We have among the best in the world and as a result, some of the brightest talent chooses to study here. By that same token, many UK students enjoy the privilege of being able to study in European universities through the Erasmus programme. I’d like to see this brought back in even if the UK opts for a ‘hard-Brexit’ as the experience of living in a foreign country is so valuable for the personal development of young people.

More funding for the NHS

The health system in the UK is by no means perfect. As so much funding is required to run what is effectively one of the biggest employers in the world, there's always going to be parts that need improvement. But thanks to the constant budget constraints that are being put on the NHS by the Tories, we are seeing privatisation creeping in. If we look at what American's are facing in the face of the repealing of the ACA, this is not a road we should be going down. Our universal healthcare service is a wonderful, and we should be looking to nurture it, not destroy it.

The redevelopment of inner city areas

Having grown up in Glasgow, I'm only too aware of what urban poverty can do to the local population. Glasgow has some of the worst rates of poverty in Western Europe, and though it's clear to see that many UK city centres have been redeveloped, there's still more to be done. When we look at problems the country faces with crime, health and education, a good degree of social intervention can help to solve all these problems.

This can range from helping with childcare, reformation of tax credit systems, healthy school meals, and engaging with community projects. We are not seeing enough of this from the government now, so unless change comes soon, we are doomed to repeat the cycle.

Published on 19-Jul-2017

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