The many ways I came out

I came out to two of my friends and my brother in a different way each, but was luckily accepted by all of them!

Friend 1: lined up pop figures of Harley Quinn, the doctor and moriarty and said "I have something in common with all of these characters . . . I'm bi!" And she responded emphatically with "I freaking knew it!!!"

Friend 2: immediately after the first experience and still with the first friend, I messaged the second "Swiggity swi, guess who's bi? Also, Willow is mine!" (At that time it was a popular meme, and we were both watching buffy the vampire slayer) and she responded with multiple pages explaining that Tara was hers and I must redirect that, and after a while I asked her if she realised that I'd just come out, and it turns out she hadn't! She was very happy for me (being bi herself) and still feels bad about not realising, to this day!

Brother: this was the one that I feared the most. In fact, I made sure that my friend was there with me to make sure that things went ok. I wrote it on a cupcake and just awkwardly showed it to him and mumbled. He said "cool" and continued playing his game.

I have been blessed with such wonderful and supporting people around me. I am so sorry if you don't have that, but I promise you that you will! You are so great and your identity is valid and I love you so much! Please stay safe!

Published on 24-Mar-2017

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