The Time In-between

A transatlantic romance ends happily ever after

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Hi, I am moving all the posts from the The Mix’s sister website Madly In Love to Your Voices.

I met my girlfriend on a three month abroad program in Africa . When the program ended, we thought the relationship was over. She is from England and I am from the States, and we thought the relationship would never work long distance. But the spark of love between us refused to fade. We missed each other dearly and knew that life would not be worth living without the other. That was a year ago, and since then I've moved to the UK to be with her. All that got me through the nine months we spent apart were songs like "I will Wait" and "You'll be in my Heart." Once I'd made the decision to move, my heart longed for time to speed up. I listened to "In my Arms" and all I wanted was to have her in my arms again. "On Top of the World" and "Good Life" perfectly describe how I felt on boarding a plane and landing at Heathrow Airport. "Count on Me" and "You'll be in my Heart" are songs we sing together. It's amazing to finally be able to sing them to her.

This post was written by J.S. Gray and originally appeared on The Mix’s sister website Madly In Love.

Published on 12-May-2016

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