Top Items for School Survival!

High school, university and college can be very difficult - especially if you don't feel prepared! Sometimes it takes a weight off to be able to relax, knowing you're prepared.

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• Check the equipment list that your school or course requires you to have, having all of the essentials is key!

• Buy MORE than you need. Buying multi-packs or stocking up with two sets of stationary will make life way easier, especially when it comes to exams.

• In winter, I often keep an extra pair of socks in my bag in case my own get wet. This is also useful if you take part in sports!

• If you wear tights, keep a bottle of clear nail polish with you. If you get a ladder, you can put a tiny amount of nail polish at either end of the ladder to stop it from growing.

• Keep any sanitary products, medicines, make-up, hair pins and ties, or small spray bottles in a small bag that can be kept in a locker or your bag.

• Post-its! Post it notes are great for reminders on your textbooks, exercise books, planner or for revision notes!

• Keep napkins or wipes in your bag, this just makes the whole faff of a pen leaking, spilling a drink or making a mess a whole lot less of a trouble.

• Lip balm. I always chew on my lip, especially when I'm stressed or frustrated. So, my lips get particularly sore. I keep a flavoured lip balm in my pocket, because sometimes the flavour, smell and feeling of the balm can relax me.

• Chewing gum. Chewing gum helps us to concentrate, and chewing it at breaks or lunch can help to relax us. However, if this isn't allowed, maybe opt for hard-boiled sweets or gummy sweets.

• Plasters. Papercuts - need I say more?

• Chocolate or some form of a treat. I often keep a small chocolate bar in my bag, simply because I have off-days pretty often and sometimes a little pick-me-up can seriously help turn a day around - or can help a friend's day as an act of kindness!

Published on 20-Nov-2016

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What’s in Your Student Survival Kit?

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