It wasn't supposed to happen this way

My dad had been bugging me for days about what was upsetting me. When he didn't stop I had to tell him.

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So, I had recently come out to my friends as gay, although I am female I use the word gay rather then lesbian. Anyway, they were fine with it especially since one was bi and the other is a trans guy.

However, my sexuality became known all throughout the school and I was being bullied constantly, even to the day children in the younger years will call me a dyke but I just take it in my stride as a proud sixth former.

But when I first came out I would be so worried that I would get more than just verbal abuse so I stopped going to class and when I got home I would hide away.

My dad eventually caught on that something wasn't right and everyday he would ask me what it was. Some days he would yell at me for being selfish, for making him miserable.

So I told him I was being bullied but he still knew that I wasn't telling him why or what was actually happening, he kept badgering me so I just said,"Dad people are bullying me for being gay," then I walked off and he went to work.

Now, I am finally open about who I am and my dad no longer asks what is wrong with me just in case he gets another surprise.

Published on 23-Jun-2017

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