We Shouldn't Be Scared Of The World Around Us

Looking at the news, it's easy to think that the world might end tomorrow. But you shouldn't feel that way. Look at what your interests are and try and to find where you can make your mark without living in fear.


It's a hard time to be a young person. It seems that through our exposure to social media, and the amount of news we consume on a daily basis, there is always something to keep us up at night and to make us feel unsure about our future. Whether it was Britain voting to leave the EU, the surprising election win by Donald Trump, or continued concern about the environment, we certainly have plenty to worry about. The same can be said of our parents generation, too. When they were our age, there was the constant threat of nuclear war as well as widespread polio.

If there is one thing that I'd like to see our generation grab with both hands, it's an independent, entrepreneurial spirit. Thanks to the rise of the the internet, there is a market for almost any idea out there. You just have to stop and instead of focusing on the bad news stories that cloud up your Facebook and Twitter feed, look out for the young people who are doing things for themselves. Who'd have thought that Chris (Simpsons artist) would be able to make a living off of his daft and funny drawings.

Even a look at the guys who came up with the Cereal Killer Cafe in London shows us that if you have an idea that people engage in, and commit to it, you can make a living for yourself. The great thing about being online and being able to read the words that I'm typing just now is that you are sitting on an almost infinite resource of information based upon other people's experience. Try to use your internet access not as a place to get wound up about world events, but as a place to make your own mark.

Interested in drawing? Try uploading your work to an art forum. Think you'd like to get into writing? See if anyone is interested in your stories. Looking to help others? Why not make a profile on The Mix and tell us your story. If you feel like you'd like to make a living from what inspires you, find out what the banks can offer with their handy tools. Read up on what has worked for successful entrepreneurs. Overall, try and engage in the world around you because it may seem frightening at times, but it doesn't have to be.

Published on 09-Nov-2016

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