why i love myself

i love myself. i love who i am. i didn't always, but i do now.

and you should too

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i'm just a little goth girl trying to find her way in this huge strange galaxy

i love myself. you may think i'm pretty conceited for saying this, or maybe you think i have a big ego. but i don't. i'm simply saying the truth.

i love the way my eyes are a mix of colours, and how they don't quite match. they're both a mix of grey and various shades of blue, with a little gold ring around the pupil, which i inherited from my mama. everytime i look at my eyes, i am reminded of her, and i always feel happy and loved.

i love the way i only have freckles under my right eye. it makes my face more interesting i think.

i love how my hair is naturally highlighted. i have many different shades of blonde in my hair, ranging from platinum blonde to a golden brown. people often compliment me on my highlights and ask how much they cost or where i got them done. I simply reply that they came from my genetics.

i love the curves i naturally have. i've always wanted hourglass curves, and i've always thought how amazing they looked. i'm so glad i actually have them.

i also love my birthmark. it's on the inside of my left ankle. it's just so unique to me. no-one else has a birthmark like that.

i love the way i can roll my eyes at pretty much anything. i'm surprised they haven't fallen out of my eye sockets from the amount of eye rolling i do.

I love my weird taste in music. i like a whole range of music, from K-pop to emo music (think Panic!, Fall Out Boy, MCR etc) to current pop music. it's such a weird fusion.

i also love the way i have a sarcastic reply for pretty much anything anyone can say. sarcasm is amazing.

i love how loyal i am. loyalty is important in building and maintaining strong healthy relationships.

i love my memory. i can't remember lots of stuff, but i can always remember important information, as well as tiny, insignificant details which most people forget

i love the way my brain always comes up with song lyrics anytime i hear something. so someone might say "it's a beautiful night" and i'd immediately start singing Marry You by Bruno Mars

Basically, I just love who i am as a person.

Published on 26-Aug-2017

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