if i had a whole day to relax

sometimes we're so focused on looking after others or doing other things that we forget about looking after ourselves. sometimes it can be hard to admit we need some TLC time. or even what TLC would include. i hope this helps to inspire you or give you some ideas (✿◠‿◠)

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i'm just a little goth girl trying to find her way in this huge strange galaxy

i never used to know how to treat myself. i spent a lot of time looking after family or burying myself in schoolwork. i never had much time to look after myself. but after a lot of trial and error, i have eventually found the perfect way to relax and unwind when i'm feeling stressed, or if i just want a bit of "me" time.

the day wouldn't start until about 10 am. i would sleep until then, in my super comfy bed, with the quilt my mama knitted for me to match my bedroom. it's the comfiest thing ever.

then i would go downstairs, still in my fave pair of star wars pj's, and i would flop on the sofa with my two beautiful dogs- Sirius and Porcelain (or Portia for short).

I would then lay on my butt all morning, watching stuff. maybe watch a few comfort shows- Blue Exorcist or Yuri On Ice. Catch up on a few shows I've missed episodes of- Shadowhunters, Pretty Little Liars. Or maybe try something new. or probably just watch crap on YouTube. i do that waay too much

I'd probably do this until about 1pm, whilst eating lentil crisps and hoummous. because they are THE best.

after 1pm I'd decide to do something productive. I'd switch out the netflix for music, and put on my fave playlist. I'd get my ancient laptop out, and start writing one of the many story ideas i have in my head. occasionally stopping to dance with my dogs or do some dramatic lip syncing to the music.

this would probably go on until 6pm, by which time i'll have abandoned writing and will instead be singing along to my fave tracks at the top of my voice, probably deafening my neighbours whilst doing so.

then at 6pm, i would eat some of my mama's homemade veggie pizza, which is just the best. i would watch a movie with my family, probably some rubbish animated kids movie my brothers picked.

after the movie finished and i'd stopped stuffing myself with pizza, i would then have a long, warm bath. maybe pop a few bathbombs in, light a few scented candles, play some soft music. i would just chill and relax until the water turned cold and my skin wrinkled like a prune.

i would then go up to bed, still wearing my ancient pj's. i'd grab a good book, maybe a YA thriller or a mystery novel, and read until i fell asleep, my cat curled up next to me.

Published on 26-Aug-2017

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Life can be tough. Sometimes you need a day of pure self-indulgence to help you feel like yourself again.