How loud can I play my music?

Do I have any rights if I want to play loud music in the afternoon? My neighbours complain, but can’t I turn up the volume between certain hours of the day?

There are two sides to this answer because both you and your neighbours have rights in this area. Because of this, a balance between your ‘right to play music’ and your neighbours’ rights to ‘quiet enjoyment’ needs to be found.

Although you both have rights, it would appear that your neighbours have more than you because of the Noise Act 1996, the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and the Common Law of Nuisance.

The neighbours can call on the Environmental Health Officer (EHO) of the council and the police to get you to make less noise. The EHO is able to get an abatement order from the court requiring you to reduce the volume. If this does happen and you don’t stop creating the same level of noise they can seize the noise making equipment. If the police become involved there could be a prosecution or you could be issued with a Community Protection Notice (CPN).

The best course of action to enable you to play your music would be to approach your neighbours and have a chat about it. That way, you will be able to reach a compromise that suits both parties.


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