I’ve been mugged

If you've been mugged, you're probably quite shaken up. The experience can be very traumatic and it’s not always easy to think clearly afterwards. The Mix talks you through the steps you need to take if you’ve been mugged.

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What does mugged mean?

Being mugged means someone has been attacked and robbed in a public place. This could be on the street, in a shop, in a club or on your doorstep.

What to do if you’ve been mugged

If you’ve been mugged, do the following to keep yourself safe.

Call the police and tell them you’ve been mugged

If you’ve just been mugged, attacked or if you’ve just seen a crime being committed, then you should ring 999 as soon as possible. Even if you don’t have much recollection of what happened, it could still mean the perpetrators are brought to justice before anyone else is forced to go through the same traumatic experience as you.

Ring your insurance company

If you’ve been relieved of valuable items, like your mobile phone or laptop, contact your insurance company and find out if you’re covered under their terms. Some insurers will stump up for theft of valuables outside the home, but sadly most do not unless you arrange it in advance and pay extra.

Have you been injured?

If you are injured, get medical attention as soon as you can. Treat yourself carefully as you may be in shock. Have your injuries documented as you may wish to claim compensation at a later date.

Talk about how you’re feeling

Being mugged is a traumatic event. It can trigger a range of strong emotions that may be hard to handle and can even change over time. The bottom line is that whatever you’re feeling is fine, from shock to anger, isolation and depression, but in every case it helps to open up about it. Confiding in someone you trust, from a close friend, a family member, or even a counsellor can help you get things in perspective, and allow you to move on with your life. Being mugged can also be a trigger for post traumatic stress disorder. Learn more here.

Cancel your cards

Cancel any stolen bank or credit cards as soon as you can, and change the locks for your house if your keys were taken. If your mobile was stolen then use The Mix’s guide to having your phone blocked. Doing this quickly will prevent the crooks from running up bills in your name.

What would you do in a mugging?

Being mugged means you’ve been robbed, often with the threat of assault, which makes it hard to be prepared in any way. Even so, it’s vital that your personal safety comes first, so think before you act. Do you put up a fight, make a big noise, attempt to run away or just submit to their demands? Only you can decide, based on the situation as it unfolds, just don’t do anything that increases the risk of getting hurt – your life is more valuable than your possessions.

Choosing to comply without resistance won’t make you less of a victim, or weaken your case in any way. What counts is that you protected yourself in the best way you could, and anyone from family and friends to the police will recognise that and respect you for it.

Just don’t be tempted to tool up with a weapon of any kind. Even if you feel it’s for self-protection, the law doesn’t see it that way. If anything, it can only increase your risk of attracting more trouble.

Victim Support offers free and confidential advice to anyone affected by crime. 0845 30 30 900.

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By Ally Thomas

Updated on 30-Mar-2023