What is depression?

Our article ‘what is depression?’ is probably the best place to start. Depression affects your relationships, your work, and your study, it can creep into almost all aspects of your life and become totally debilitating. Living with depression can be overwhelming. The best thing you can do to guard against it is to focus on good mental health and self-care practices that help you avoid becoming triggered. Things like looking after your mental health online can have a big impact on improving the way you feel about yourself and the world around you.

How to open up about depression

Struggling with depression can lead to feelings of loneliness and difficulty opening up. But finding someone to talk to about how you feel can be a powerful first step towards recovery. Read our article on talking to your partner about your mental health for some tips on where to start.

Antidepressants & other treatment options

Anyone considering treatment may be curious about antidepressants. They’re not for everyone, but some people have great results with them. Take a look at our article on antidepressants to learn more. Other people get better results from talking therapies like CBT. Take a look at our other articles on mental health treatments to find out more.

How to help someone with depression

If you’re worried for the safety of someone with depression, you may have heard of sectioning. This is a process where someone who is considered to be a danger to themselves is detained in hospital under the mental health act. It’s a serious process and is used only a last resort when there’s an immediate danger to the individual. Read more about being sectioned here.

Recovery and relapses

Most people with depression won’t need to be sectioned. It’s usually possible to make a full recovery with either talking therapy, medication, or both. Depression can come back from time to time, but once you’ve familiarised yourself with the help that’s out there you’re likely to be a lot better equipped to deal with any recurring feelings Just remember to be kind to yourself if you do feel yourself starting to relapse.

The Mix are here to support you

The friendly team here at The Mix is here to listen to and support you 24/7 via our crisis messenger and via our daily support phone line. You don’t have to talk about anything you don’t want to and you can talk to us anonymously if you prefer. Speak to our team today if you would like to talk to someone about depression or mental health.

Opening up to your partner about depression

Opening up and talking to your partner about how you feel can be the hardest step to take when coping with depression. This true story performed by actors is part of a series looking at mental health and relationships.

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