The Kindness Diary: July

Illustration shows two young people on the page of a diary (one is holding a heart. The other page says: "Kindness Diary"

We’re celebrating your acts of kindness

Since we started this diary for Mental Health Awareness Week, you’ve all been doing so many things to spread kindness, and it’s bloody amazing. Here are some of your best stories. If you want to tell us what you’ve doing to be kind, comment on this post or @TheMixUK on Instagram or Twitter!

Kind gestures

“I’ve created quizzes on social media for anyone to join to keep them busy.”

“I’m letting a disabled homeless women stay with me till the shelter has room for her.”

“I set up a safe place (on social media) where my friends, family and strangers can anonymously ask questions or tell us how they feeling. Say for example if someone was feeling lonely, they would text it and I’d put it up for everybody else to see in the hopes that someone would be able to aid them.”

“I’ve joined my local food bank and volunteered to wash and pack food, I’ve started a coping project and I’ve checked in on all my friends and family 🙂 “

Staying in touch

“I have checked on all my friends because I worry”

“Sending texts to friends and family, making sure they aren’t alone. “

“Regularly checked in virtually with friends I know are struggling, and moved to be physically close to family when they’re stressed.”

“Texting friends and family and face timing, taking part in support groups online for support and to help others.”

“Calling my mother so she doesn’t feel alone.”

“I’ve offered phone calls to people who may be alone during lockdown.”

“I ring my friends and family and make sure they are ok. I try to make them laugh. I have been to the shop for my neighbours who are elderly.”

“I’ve made sure all friends and family are safe by calling regularly. My dad being an NHS worker motivated me because when he helps people I want to help people.”

Kindness in the community

“I have been getting shopping for neighbours and I have been taking people dogs for a walk.”

“My family’s business is still running and we’re doing deliveries only and a lot of our customers are elderly woman r can’t get out so we try to talk to them even though we’re mega busy.”

“Animal welfare (feeding alpacas).”

“Given food to the needy.”

“Supported carers through buying items for their needs.”

“I’ve donated money to a food bank.”

“I work at a hospital as a secretary/cashier. I’ve seen our nurses consistently exhausted and struggling with their mental health. So as a whole staff of the hospital we helped as much as we could.”

“I organised a driveway-dancing event for my street to have a socially-distanced party in the street.”


“I made an account on social media about self-love with a friend.”

“Focusing on furthering my education and preparing for work in September after my degree has ended.”

“Been doing my passion which is playing and writing music.”

“Trying to figure out a good diet, meditation, and taking care of my mental health.”

Helping friends and family

“I have made multiple masks for neighbours and family.”

“Shopping for my nan and grandad.”

“Whilst being furloughed, using my time to care for my nan who is in the final stages of vascular dementia and Alzheimer’s. She needs 24/7 care as she still lives at home but is house bound and has multiple other health conditions. Needing help with everything day-to-day, cooking, cleaning, medication, helping to get washed/dressed etc.”

“I helped my parents do chores. I helped my brother with his homework and also helped people in need. “

“Doing respite care for my disabled sister.”

“I have done embroidery and helped around the house as I have a baby sister.”

“I’ve always tried to keep in touch with my friends and make sure they’re alright. I’ve tried to be consistent and more proactive with this during lockdown because it can be too easy to withdraw and become isolated.”

“Some of my friends stress about the huge amounts of online homework we get, so I make sure to encourage them and build up their confidence in themselves, even if they don’t always get the grades they want.”

“I’ve helped with shopping for grandparents because my mum is a nurse and is very tired.”

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Next Steps

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Updated on 03-Jul-2020