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Can we make long-distance work?

My girlfriend and I met at uni and we are so in love with each other. But we’ve just graduated and now we’re 200 miles apart. I’ve got a job up north, but she’s got one in London. We can only see each other at the weekends now and I’m worried we’ll break up. Can relationships ever last long distance? Or shall I split now to save myself pain later on?

Holly Bourne Holly

Our expert says:

Long distance love is almost inevitable in your early twenties. You’re both trying to get your careers sorted, and it’s rare to sort jobs out in exactly the same place. Just because it’s normal though, doesn’t make long-distance any less hard. That said, we do have some tips here on how to make it work.

What do you think? Do you think love is worth the distance? Or is it better to cut loose and find someone with the same postcode? Remember, everyone’s relationship is different. There’s no right or wrong.


Posted on 26-Jun-2015