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Your Voices

She Doesn't Love Me

It's never too late to tell her Read More

Your Voices

I don't know

I'm 14 years old but don't say that I can't fall in love because I can. Read More

Your Voices

Can someone help me understand?

I'm engaged to a beautiful girl and I couldn't ask for anyone better. Read More

Your Voices

My boyfriend dumped me because of depression

My boyfriend of just over a year ended our relationship on Saturday. Read More

Your Voices

My love story

It started over a McDonald's Oreo flurry. Read More

Your Voices

Your artwork: how it feels

I painted this as a symbolic idea of how I feel sometimes. Read More

couple looking at each other
Your Voices

Loving my boyfriend AND his depression

Amanda tells us how she copes with her boyfriend's depression. Read More

guy on hill
Your Voices

I want my girlfriend to realise how strong she is

Jonathan's girlfriend is the love of his life, but he's struggling with her depression. Read More

someone typing on phone
Your Voices

I’m straight but something happened between me and a gay friend

Something happened between me and a mate (who is gay) but I’m straight. Read More

sad looking girl
Your Voices

How anorexia changed me – and my relationship

My boyfriend pointed out my weight loss over Skype. Read More

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