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Why do we keep arguing?

I love my boyfriend, but I find we’re always bickering about the silliest of things. It’s like neither of us can let anything go and it always turns into a full-blown row. What’s so frustrating is we love each other and don’t want to fight. But it’s like we can’t help it. I’m exhausted. What do I do?

Holly Bourne Holly

Our expert says:

There is no couple on this earth who doesn’t argue. And disagreements can be a way of maintaining a healthy relationship, as long as you’re arguing effectively. It’s always better to air issues out rather than keeping things in. However, if you’re in an endless spiral of bickering, it can really take its toll on how you feel about your partner.

You say you keep bickering about the silly things, but it’s worth thinking through your past arguments to see if there are any common themes? Often the supposed ‘silly’ arguments are about something much deeper that you need to address between the two of you – like security or trust. This article about dealing with arguments has some good tips.

What do you think? And how do you handle arguments as a couple? Remember, everyone’s relationship is different. There’s no right or wrong.

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Posted on 14-Oct-2015